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Here’s a summary of what we published this week:

Friday morning:
Another News Scoop: Irving Halifax Shipyard Wins Four Frigate Overhaul Contracts, But Irving Union Calls It ‘Worrisome’ It Has to Share Frigate Repairs With Quebec & B.C. Shipyards.

Thursday dispatches:
Ottawa To Award Irving Halifax Shipyard Rights To Overhaul Four Frigates.
MacPolitics Tim Houston: ‘Sean Joudry Will Have Key Position In New PC Caucus Office’
Will Halifax Stanfield Airport Make Pitch To Host An L.L. Bean Store?
How We Scooped The Financial Post On L.L. Bean’s Canadian Invasion–We Had The Story Last August.
Opinion: Hello Duggers & Farewell My Long-Time Friend, Mr. L.L. Bean—As Tough As That Decision Is For Me

Wednesday scoop:
A story on how Carl Potter and Dexter Construction may have finally met their ultimate match, as we report the world’s largest road builder from France has just entered the Nova Scotia road building scene.
Carl Potter has been active in Nova Scotia and Maritime road building since 1974 but is about to face his strongest competition ever.
World’s Largest Road Builder Moves into Nova Scotia Road Building Scene, Offering The Strongest Competition Carl Potter and Dexter Construction Have Ever Faced.

Tuesday dispatches:
Nova Scotia PC Party releases riding-by-riding leadership results.
Road building scoops on the Tuesday bid closing of the largest ever road building tender in Nova Scotia’s history and global road building giants from France and Spain are expected to be among the bidders.
Exclusive: Largest Road Building Tender In Nova Scotia’s History Closes Today
Global Road Builders Eye Nova Scotia Highway Work, Dexter Construction and Nova Construction Form Partnership
Hwy. 104: World’s Largest Road Builder Likely To Bid On Nova Scotia $300 Million Twinning Project
Hwy. 104: Spanish Global Outfit Expected To Bid On Nova Scotia Twinning Work
History Making Highways Ministers Lloyd Hines, Richie Mann, A.S. MacMillan
The Politics Of Pavement—Nova Scotia Style
Fire Chief Joe: ‘Thanks, But No Thanks—Don’t Name Highway After Me’
Road Building Or Journalism: I Was Supposed To Become A Third Generation Road Builder…But Then I Met Jim Vibert & Allan Jeffers

Monday dispatches:
Compelling Case For Advertisers: The Macdonald Notebook Has Record Readership Of Nearly 4,000 Folk In October–Google Analytics
Yogi Muise: Without Jack O’Donnell, There Would Not Be The Men Of The Deeps Music Band
Attention Serious Bridge Players: Card Game Match For Halifax’s Spencer House This Friday
MacPolitics: Political Quote Of The Week Goes To Tim Houston
MacPolitics: Team Tim Houston Predicted First Ballot Win Thanksgiving Weekend
MacPolitics: Brian Mulroney Visits Former St. FX President Father Greg MacKinnon
Opinion: Tory Tim Olive—Tim Houston Is Government In Waiting Now
We Get Mail: Former MP Peter McCreath On Brian Mulroney’s Global Legacies

Last weekend’s stories included:
Tim Houston takes Nova Scotia PC Leadership
MacPolitics: What To Watch For At Nova Scotia Tory Leadership Convention
MacPolitics: Brian Mulroney As A Global Leader—Free Trade, Trump & Nelson Mandela
Tories Opt For Convention At Halifax Exhibition Centre (Exhibition Park)
Celebrating Laing House: Mental Health Help For Youth
Chester Chatter: Fire Mansion Property Has Multiple Offers In Just One Week Of Its Listing
The Halifax Distilling Co.—A Labour of Love For Owners
Loblaw Hosting Massive Halifax Convention Because Of New Jamia Ramia Nova Centre
Irving Shipbuilding: Addressing The Workload Gap—Fear Of Union Shipbuilding Layoffs
Point Pleasant Park Under Siege By Port & City Hall Actions
Loblaw Barrington Street Superstore Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Opinion: Jordi Morgan—What Will A New Sheriff In Alberta Mean For Nova Scotia
Trudeau Government Turns Off Money Tap To Coady Institute
A Wonder Drug: A Daily Pill That Prevents HIV
PEI NOTES: Basil Stewart, Summerside’s Longest Serving Mayor, Wants His Job Back
MacPolitics: Tim Houston Vows To End American-Style Politics As Tory Leader
MacPolitics: Cecil Clarke ‘Deeply Troubled’ Over Team Houston Supporters Take-Out of Alfie & Eddie
MacPolitics: John Lohr—‘I stand Up For Alfie & Eddie’
MacPolitics: The Archives Button