By Andrew Macdonald

The Macdonald Notebook is pleased to report that on Saturday, we did a writing deal with Tory operator, Chad Bowie.

Chad will write an occasional political opinion column on Public Affairs in the Atlantic for The Notebook.

Chad Bowie’s tweet announcement on writing a regular Political Opinion piece for The Notebook.

He is former Tory leader Jamie Baillie’s 2016 campaign manager, and managed Tory leadership contender Cecil Clarke’s campaign.

We are also on the search for a decent Liberal and NDP commentator – if you know someone who could write a political commentary on a regular basis for me, let me know – hit the Letter to Editor button to contact me.

Chad Bowie was Cecil Clarke’s campaign manager

“I am seriously fine”, says Chad, after he left his job at  new PC caucus now headed up by  new leader Tim Houston.

“I’m looking forward to connecting with your audience and sharing my perspective with Notebook readers”, says Chad.”

Life after the PC caucus will see Chad run his own political consulting and strategy company, here in Halifax.

For a bio on Chad Bowie, check the story on him in this edition of The Notebook, contained elsewhere in this edition.

Chad’s first column appears in today’s Sunday edition of The Notebook.