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Jan 11, 2019 | Business

By Andrew Macdonald

Read by over 1,000 Business and Political junkies each weekend, The Notebook offers affordable advertisement rates.

Over the past week, The Macdonald Notebook was read by 1,200 individuals, according to Google Analytics. That readership measurement does not lie—it’s a hard and fast statistic. In other words you can take that figure to the bank.

The Macdonald Notebook Google Analytics page, on Friday, January 11th shows that over one thousand readers in the last seven days visited my website, making it an affordable advertising vehicle. These 1,200 readers opened 1,600 pages during this time period.

Fisherman's Market: Seafood Delivered Overnight Throughout Canada
The Macdonald Notebook - Sept. Google Analytics

My Google Analytics page shows that 1,100 individuals visited my website over a seven day period to August 31st, making The Macdonald Notebook an affordable advertising vehicle to reach a wealthy readership of Biz Titans and Political decision makers.

Google Analytics tells me how many readers opened a particular article, and it also tells me how many unique IP addresses visited daily or weekly my news website.

Of the 1,200 folk who read my website in the last seven days, they opened 1,600 news articles.

Since our launch in March, 2017, The Macdonald Notebook has assembled a rather heady list of Atlantic Canada business leaders among our paid subscribers.

From regional billionaires, to other well heeled business titans, to entrepreneurs and CEOs, The Macdonald Notebook offers an affordable way to reach the Maritimes’ movers and shakers.

Our circulation also reaches into high levels of government, from several premiers to former prime ministers, the political reach includes all three mainline political parties. The government decision makers tune into our scoops and exclusives each weekend.

In other words, as The Macdonald Notebook moves into our second year of independent publishing, we have assembled a veritable News Junkie audience.

The Macdonald Notebook recently expanded our compelling journalism into Prince Edward Island and there are exciting growth plans as the calendar flips into January.

Our recent advertisers see immense value in reaching our readers, advertisers like The Halifax Club; the new Asian eatery at Bishop’s Landing, Sea Smoke run by OrlandoHalifax business leader Steve Caryi; Southwest Properties, run by residential and retail landlords Jim Spatz and Gordon Laing; and Royal LePage realtor Rick Foster, who was recently in the news when he sold Brad Langille’s $7.9 million mansion on the Northwest Arm in Halifax. That was the most expensive residential property to sell in realtor history in Nova Scotia.Over Christmas, Attica Furnishings advertised, that is owned by Suzanne Saul & Christopher Joyce.

If you are considering your winter advertising campaign, consider tapping into the Maritimes mover & shaker audience available through The Macdonald Notebook.

If you want advertising rates, feel free to click on the Letter to Editor button below this article to reach me.

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Since our launch in March 2017, The Macdonald Notebook has engaged a weekly readership of political and business leaders of the Maritimes. My team of freelance writers and myself have written over 1,000 news articles, now to be found in our archives.

The Macdonald Notebook is generating over 1,000 unique visitors per weekend. The region’s top news junkies tune in every weekend for news stories not found in other media.

We are addicted to breaking news stories and generating scoops, always on the lookout for stories which we hope are informative, entertaining and compelling.

At The Macdonald Notebook, we also believe in the power of word-of-mouth advertising. To that end, here are some Notebook reader endorsements to help guide you into taking out a Notebook subscription.

“The movers and shakers read you, Andrew.”
Erin O’Toole, former federal Tory leadership aspirant

“Anyone interested in good reporting about what is happening in Nova Scotia might want to investigate The Macdonald Notebook, which is published on Saturdays.”
Don Mills, leading Atlantic Canada pollster

“I am really enjoying your Macdonald Notebook. You have not only captured an audience of followers, but you also have the experience of years behind you to dig out your contacts. So keep up the interesting news items.”
Billy Joe MacLean, leading Port Hawkesbury politico

“The Macdonald Notebook provides the colour between the lines that allows news to become information. In a time when too many media organizations essentially reprint press releases, Andrew has personal conversations with the news makers. Not satisfied with simply the ‘what’, The Notebook goes further, to enlighten on the ‘why’.”
Layton Dorey, senior vice-president, Northstar Research Partners, Toronto

“Your political coverage is awesome for political junkies like me. Good on you and kudos for excellence. You have a way of explaining things so that readers understand that those involved in partisan politics are human just like everyone else.”
John MacDonell, Nova Scotian backroom operator in the Harper government

“Your well crafted journalism style is down-home, high-quality reporting—concise, informative, diverse, historically accurate, objective, humorous and pleasantly intimate.”
Robbie Harrison, former minister in John Savage government

“I have been reading Andrew’s stories for 15 years. I am always curious to see what he is going to write about and he is very curious himself but honest. He is passionate about journalism and above all he is trustworthy. We live in a very small, tight-knit community. Media has a big impact on our lives and it helps to talk to a journalist you can trust and that’s Andrew Macdonald. He is experienced, his stories are fair, balanced and very professional. That’s what good journalism is all about.”
Wadih Fares, noted Halifax real estate developer

“I am really enjoying The Macdonald Notebook. When do you sleep? Lots of insight and depth to the pieces. Well done.”
Bruce Evans, Los Angeles commercial mortgage broker and Cape Breton native

“Andrew is a very fine writer and has oodles of information on the local real estate scene. He is probably the most tapped in person in this part of the world.”
Piers Baker, prominent Chester-Halifax realtor

“Andrew is quintessentially Nova Scotian. He is a tough but fair reporter–and he cares about his readers. His columns are always insightful, and with him, you always get insight that you don’t in any other business reporting in the province.”
Mark Boudreau, director of Corporate Affairs for Loblaw Halifax

“The Macdonald Notebook is not ‘he said, she said’ journalism. Instead, it’s old-fashioned story-telling”.
Betsy MacDonald, NDP caucus toiler.

A grade 10 student (our youngest subscriber) on Nova Scotia’s North Shore: “I really enjoy your weekly publication.”

“Your news is addictive”.
Victoria Hines, realtor, Royal LePage Atlantic.

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