Meet A Notebook Subscriber: Brian Mulroney

It’s no secret one of the nation’s top political junkies tunes into The Macdonald Notebook.

Brian Mulroney has been a paid reader since last year.

In the Gerald Schwartz Auditorium at St. FX last fall are, from left, Fen Osler Hampson, author of Master of Persuasion: Brian Mulroney’s Global Legacy; St. FX president Dr. Kent MacDonald; and former PM Brian Mulroney. Photo by Brendan Ahern/The Macdonald Notebook.

Normally, I do not name my subscribers, but I do share Notebook reader endorsements and when you have a former Canadian prime minister reading you, well we think that is mighty neat.

Last weekend, in a chat with the former PM, he wanted to renew his subscription to The Notebook even though its expiry date does not come up until this summer.

“I hope your business is going well. You can renew my subscription now and you can send the bill,” Mulroney tells me.

Speaking last weekend to The Notebook from his Florida seasonal residency in Palm Beach, I asked Mulroney whether he was going to visit Palm Beach’s most famous resident, Donald Trump.

Mulroney, who was preparing to go to a pre-Super Bowl Party last weekend, quipped that he thought Trump was off golfing.

He might not go out of his way to meet the president who scrapped Mulroney’s beloved North American Free Trade Pact.

Brian Mulroney on the campaign trail in Belleville, Ont., in 1988. Andrew Macdonald Photo

Mulroney ran the 1988 election campaign on free trade, while Liberal leader John Turner strongly opposed the pact with America.

Former Halifax Liberal MP Mary Clancy, who defeated Mulroney cabinet minister Stu McInnes in 1988, later told me that Mulroney’s free trade pact was a brilliant policy move which greatly benefited Canada and Atlantic Canadian exporters.

Clancy now writes an occasional Opinion column for The Notebook, along with Tory Chad Bowie and NDPer Mat Whynott.

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