The Notebook: Meet My Competition…

May 12, 2019 | Politics

By Andrew Macdonald

Now read by one thousand readers each weekend, as The Macdonald Notebook enters its third year of self owned ownership, primarily as a weekend news journal, we have ambitious plans for the future.

At The Notebook, we are often asked: Who is our competition?

I get that question frequently.

Fisherman's Market: Seafood Delivered Overnight Throughout Canada

The simple reality is that our competition is the weekend news consumer.

Our competition is not my former job.

Simply answered, my competition is theĀ  Saturday Globe & Mail in the Maritimes.

When it retailed a printed product in the Maritimes, the Globe, according to newspaper audit circulation reports had 14,000 readers across the region, at one point.

The Globe is no longer in our region – and that is my goal, reaching the former Globe weekend reader.

On other topics, The Notebook is an affordably priced subscription.

A single subscription costs $3.50 per weekend, or just $16.10 a month.

We also have a cheaper corporate rate of $3 per weekend, if an entity takes out five or more subscriptions.

Because my youngest reader joined the circulation list as a grade ten student on the NS North Shore, we rolled out a vastly discounted student subscription rate.

The student rate is just $10 a month, as compared to the normal price of $16.10 a month.

The Notebook also offers a friends’ rate – a discount for folk who can’t afford the regular price. Just ask me about that rate. That rate is the price we offer our compelling journalism to Millennials – our twenty-somethings in Maritime society. Just ask me how you can take advantage of our pricing models.

Thanks dear reader for your subscription support.

As a reminder, please do not share passcodes – this is a direct threat to the viability of The Notebook to be a financially viable product.

The Macdonald Notebook - Sept. Google Analytics

My Google Analytics page shows that 1,100 individuals visited my website over a seven day period to August 31st, making The Macdonald Notebook an affordable advertising vehicle to reach a wealthy readership of Biz Titans and Political decision makers.

As we head into our third year of publishing, The Notebook is generating on average each week one thousand readers – this presents a very affordable way to reach our audience of business leaders and government decision makers by advertising on our website.

And, there you have it.

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