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Cabot Links Airport Coverage Now Under Our Archived Stories Button: 55 Stories & Counting, Including Our News Scoops!

The Macdonald Notebook has now placed our comprehensive news coverage of the Inverness Cabot Links Airport under our Archived Stories Button on this website.

This makes for easier reach of the articles, that began with our original news scoop on the airport file, on June 1. Since then, The Notebook has heard from both sides, the pro-Inverness airport folk who have made their impassioned pleas, and the opponents who support the Port Hawkesbury airport or simply reject taxpayer funding.

Cape Breton MP Rodger Cuzner has been vocal in his support of taxpayers dollars going towards building a Cabot Links golf course.

Our comprehensive coverage has been balanced and fair, with tough questions to the players on the file. Both sides of the issue have stated their own strong cases over three pages of The Notebook news coverage — 55 stories, and counting.

Fisherman's Market: Seafood Delivered Overnight Throughout Canada

To see the entire 55 news stories filed in the Notebook since we broke the story on June 1, you can press this link to go to the Archived Stories Archive button, and then scrolling under topic: Cabot Links:

The following are the news headlines, including many news scoops The Notebook has filed since June 1st on the Cabot Links Airport file:

Cabot Links Airport: A Final Decision Could Rest With The Powerful Liberal Glace Bay Politico Triumvirate

Cabot Links Airport: Why Government Money Is Critical For Ben Cowan Dewar’s Airport Plan

Cabot Links Airport: Michele McKenzie’s Impassioned Case For Inverness Airport

Billy Joe MacLean Writes: ‘Please Ignore Rodney MacDonald’s Support Of Cabot Links Airport’

Cabot Links Airport: Exclusive: Elmer MacKay: ‘Inverness Airport Project Mindless Use Of Government Funds’

Nova Scotia Business Minister Geoff MacLellan says a Cabot Links airport in Inverness “has merit”.

Cabot Links Airport: Exclusive: Inverness Airport Promoter Michele McKenzie Speaks: ‘For The Record I Am Not Being Paid To Support Airport Project’

Cabot Links Airport: Halifax Business Titans Bob Mussett & Ian Thompson Endorse Inverness Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: Total Radio Silence From Ben Cowan-Dewar When I Asked For A Copy of Inverness Airport Business Case

Cabot Links Airport: NS Federation Of Municipalities President Waye Mason: ‘Inverness Airport Would Send Port Hawkesbury Airport Into Tailspin’

Cabot Links Airport: Might Inverness Airport Be Built In Lake Ainslie Cottage Country?

Cabot Links Airport: The Ties That Bind Between Ben Cowan-Dewar & Prominent Backers Of Inverness Airport Lead Back To Destination Canada

Cabot Links Airport: Most NS Liberal MPs Avoid Taking A Position Over Giving Taxpayers Dollars To Controversial Cabot Links Airport Plan, But We Did Hear From Bill Casey & Sean Fraser

Cabot Links Airport: Port Hawkesbury Town Councillor: ‘Ben Cowan-Dewar Can Take Over Port Hawkesbury Airport Instead’

Cabot Links: Ben Cowan-Dewar Risks Losing Public Relations Battle Over New Airport

Cabot Links: Rodney MacDonald: ‘An Inverness Airport Would Not Kill Off Port Hawkesbury Airport’

Cabot Links Airport: Ben Cowan-Dewar Fights Back As He Fishes For Airport Support Among NS Business Titans

On June 18, four corporate/private jets touched down at the Port Hawkesbury Allan J. MacEachen Regional Airport.

Cabot Links Airport: Inverness Tory MLA Allan MacMaster On Airport Travel Times Of World’s Top Rated Golf Courses

Cabot Links Airport: TD Bank Customer, Port Hawkesbury’s Airport Boss In Disbelief Over Frank McKenna Inverness Endorsement

We Get Mail: The Notebook Readers Write About Cabot Links Airport Plan

Readership Question: Should Government Money Be Given To A Cabot Links Airport?

Cabot Links Airport: Inverness Tory MLA Allan MacMaster: ‘Does The NS Public Want To Take Risk Of Funding $18 Million Inverness Airport?’

Cabot Links Airport: Ex-NS Cabinet Minister Tim Olive: ‘It’s Dead Wrong To Give Taxpayers Dollars To Inverness Airport Project’

Cabot Links Airport: Billy Joe MacLean Says MP Rodger Cuzner Is Negating All The Good He Has Done For Cape Breton By Backing Inverness Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: Yarmouth Airport Official Cliff Hood: ‘Inverness Airport Could Become Money Pit For Governments’

Allan J. MacEachen, left, with Pierre Trudeau. Allan J built the Port Hawkesbury airport in 1973.

We Get Mail: Inverness Politico Writes On Our Comprehensive News Coverage Of Cabot Links Controversial Ask Of Taxpaying Dollars For Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: NS Liberal MP Sean Fraser – ‘Would Support Gov Money For Controversial Inverness Airport Project If Business Case Is Solid’

Cabot Links Airport: Putting Media Questions To Ben Cowan-Dewar & His GM

Cabot Links Airport: Ben Cowan-Dewar Registers A Not-For-Profit Inverness Airport Entity

Cabot Links Airport: Global Aviation Executive Pans Inverness Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: Ex-Maritime Premiers Frank McKenna, Darrell Dexter & Rodney MacDonald Back Controversial Inverness Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: Let’s Look At The Commute Times At Cabot’s Sister Golf Course In Oregon

We Get Mail: Bruce Evans Agrees With Kingsley Brown’s Assertion That Taxpayers Money For Cabot Links Airport Is Tantamount To Being ‘Corporate Welfare’

‘There Is No support At Inverness Municipal Government For Cabot Links Airport’ – Inverness County Councillor

Cabot Links: Premier Stephen McNeil On Taxpayer Dollars For An Inverness Airport

Rodney MacDonald was NS Tory premier from 2006 to 2009. He backs an Inverness Airport.

Cabot Links Airport: A Message From Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton

Pilot Kingsley Brown: Government Money For Cabot Links Airport Would Be ‘Corporate Welfare For One Percenters’

Kingsley Brown Explains Reason For Silence From Opposition Leaders Tim Houston & Gary Burrill On Cabot Links Airport Project

Cabot Links Airport: Why Tim Houston & Gary Burrill Are Silent On The File & An Inverness Native Praises Cabot Links/Cabot Cliffs

Cabot Links Airport: Rodger Cuzner Again Pushes Gall Meter Needle – I Am Not Making This Up Folk!

Michele McKenzie has spent 40-years in the tourism industry. She advocates an airport for Cabot Links in Inverness.

Cabot Links Airport: The Very Survival Of Port Hawkesbury Airport Now Includes Online Petition Demanding Trudeau Gov Refrain From Doling Out Taxpayer Dollars For An Inverness Airport

We Asked Cabot Links If Government Money Is Being Given To Its Just Announced St. Lucia Golf Resort Project…

Cabot Links Airport: Gall Meter Alert: Rodger Cuzner Berates Ontario MP Who Actually Is Sticking Up For Port Hawkesbury Airport

Cabot Links Airport: Port Hawkesbury’s Mayor Hires Expert Ottawa Lobbyist Greg MacEachern To Fight For Survival Of Port Hawkesbury Airport – Who Is Greg MacEachern?

Cabot Links Airport: Port Hawkesbury’s Mayor Brenda Chisholm Beaton Pens A Letter To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – ‘Don’t Kill Off Port Hawkesbury Airport By Funding Cabot’s Airport Project’

Cabot Links Airport: A Statement From Port Hawkesbury Town Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton

Province Mum On Cabot Links Request for Money, Cabot Links GM Sidesteps Questions On Need For More Taxpayer Dollars

In His Own Words: David Morgan’s Port Hawkesbury Airport Threatened By Government Money For Cabot Links Airport Project

If Cabot Links Can Get ACOA Money, Fox Harb’r Resort Wants It, Too, For Plans For Second Golf Course & Hotel

We Get Mail: Premier on Inverness Airport; Ron Joyce Paid For His Own Runway

Sydney Airport CEO: No Need For A Third Airport On Cape Breton

MacPolitics: Why Allan J. MacEachen Passed Over Inverness When He Built The Port Hawkesbury Airport – A Political History Lesson

Attention Rodger Cuzner: Twin Hwy. 104 All The Way To The Canso Causeway – Don’t Pour Taxpayers Dollars Into Building An Airport In Inverness

Exclusive: Sources: Cabot Links Wants More Government Money To Build Airport

A Celebration Of Ron Joyce’s Life & Times To Be Held At His Beloved Fox Harb’r Resort In June- Son Steven Tells The Notebook

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