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Free Stories On Cabot Links Airport – Subscription Paywall Has Been Removed For Some Of Our Inverness Coverage

The Macdonald Notebook was the first media outlet to report that Cabot Links went to the federal and provincial governments seeking $18 million for an airport at Inverness – via our sources, we carried that news scoop on June 1st.

Since then, we have filed more than 60 stories on the airport file – many stories have been news scoops and exclusive articles.

The subscription paywall has been removed for some of our Cabot Links comprehensive coverage, to give the non subscriber an example of our compelling Journalism – we are read by more than 1,000 folk, as we enter year three of Independently owned journalism.

Web links to free articles, appear below:

Why MP Rodger Cuzner should fight for twinning the 104 HWY all the way to the Canso Causeway rather than build an airport at Cabot Links: Click here.

Why Elmer MacKay Pans An Inverness Airport, calling it a ‘mindless use’ of taxpayers dollars: Click here.

Kingsley Brown: The first pilot to land in 1973 at the Port Hawkesbury Airport: Tax dollars for Inverness airport would only benefit one percenters of society: Click here.

Former Tory NS cabinet minister Tim Olive pans Inverness project: Click here.

Cabot Links airport promoter Michele McKenzie makes her case for Inverness airport project: Click here.

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