By Andrew Macdonald

I am proud to report The Macdonald Notebook Is Growing Again – as we hire a Veteran Toronto Top Financial Journalist from the newspaper war capital of Toronto!

Thanks to robust paid readership, The Notebook is able to engage another freelance writer, who will contribute Financial Journalism to my popular Business & Inside Politics & Cultural Affairs website.

He is PHIL DEMONT, who comes highly recommended to me from another paid reader, Halifax Mover & Shaker Denis Ryan, the former crooner turned stockbroker.

Phil DeMont is a brother of the Halifax Herald’s very talented journalist, John DeMont.

Here is Phil DeMont’s bio:

A native of Halifax, DeMont has spent four decades reporting on Canadian and international business, economics and public policy.

He has worked for a variety of newspapers, including The Toronto Star, the Financial Post and the Globe and Mail.

DeMont also was an on-air analyst at BNN, Canada’s all-business channel.

More recently, DeMont wrote for the CBC’s online service and currently is a fill-in business columnist for CBC Radio.

Besides working as a journalist, DeMont was a policy aide to the ministers of Health and Economic Development in Ontario as well as an economic adviser to the Opposition leader in the Ontario Legislature.

He holds graduate degrees from Dalhousie, Queen’s and Carleton universities.

Along with Eugene Lang, DeMont co-authored ‘Turning Point: Moving Beyond Neoconservatism’ – an examination of Canadian politics.

Welcome aboard Phil!