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A Farewell Shindig for Halifax Port’s Karen Oldfield & A Pollster Weighs In On Revived Cabot Links Airport Plan & Much More In Our Upcoming Weekend Edition…

My team of writers are busy now working on this upcoming weekend’s edition of The Notebook.

Here’s some of what we are working on as deadlines loom:

– Monday at Pier 21, folk in the Port of Halifax community gathered to fete 17-year long Port CEO, Karen Oldfield.

We’ll have the details of the event, as Oldfield’s tenure expires this month.

Karen Oldfield’s 17-year tenure as CEO of the Port of Halifax expires this month.

There were speeches from former Port chair, Stewart McKelvey partner and corporate lawyer, Geoff Machum & Canadian National Railway chair, Bob Pace also spoke.

We’ve reported lots on the tenure of Oldfield over a 20-year career of port coverage, but what are her enduring legacies at the port?

We’ll have more on that this weekend.

Cabot Links controversial airport plan in Inverness is back in the news with an opinion poll seemingly supporting an airport at the luxury golf compound.

We talk to an opinion pollster on whether there is now an appetiate in Ottawa for tax dollars to go to Cabot Links – because the new reality is a minority government.

Ben Cowan Dewar is co-owner of Cabot Links & Cabot Cliffs. He wants $18 million in tax dollars to fund the construction of an airport in Inverness.

And, while former Cape Breton MP Roger Cuzner was an avowed supporter of $18 million in tax dollars building an airport at Cabot Links, the new Liberal MP-Elect campaigned against any tax dollars going to such a plan.

With a crumbling Route 19 100-series highway in Inverness County – a rough patch 25-kilometres long, we hear from one Caper businessman, who suggests Route 19 needs more government attention than an airport.

On June 18th, four corporate/private jets touched down at the Port hawkesbury Allan J. MacEachen Regional Airport. That airport is a one hour drive from Cabot Links.

The biz person we speak to this weekend, suggests Route 19 get the same attention as that splendid road from Vancouver to Whistler.

Also, we catch up this weekend with BoyneClarke partner, John Young, on his recent honorary degree from St. Mary’s University.

John Young, a corporate lawyer in Halifax and his gracious wife Carol in this file photo attending last summer’s Estate auction for Allan J. MacEachen in Antigonish. The Notebook photo.

We also chat with leading Halifax commercial brokerage managing director Bill MacAvoy, on how long it will take to fully lease out Joe Ramia’s Nova Centre, in Downtown Halifax.

On the NS South Shore, there is a multi-million dollar fundraiser for the historic and charming Lunenburg Academy, and leading Halifax Biz Titan Tom Hayes talks about his role as chair of the fundraising effort.

The Nova Centre was developed by Joe Ramia on two blocks in downtown Halifax. It replaced the Halifax Herald’s Class C office compound.

In political coverage, we’ll chat with Andy Fillmore, on the hot topic question: Will Justin Trudeau go back to the Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin style, and have two NS federal cabinet ministers.

Former John Hamm PC cabinet minister, Tim Olive weighs in on what went wrong with the Andrew Scheer Conservative election.

And, we also catch up with Bill Casey on a multitude of issues in Cumberland Colchester.

We ask Bill who was the best prime minister he served?

He served Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Stephen Harper & Justin Trudeau.

Also, Bill Casey talks on how the environment was a cause championed by the PC Mulroney regime from 1984-1993 – but it wasn’t a key election platform for the Scheer Conservatives.

Brian Mulroney looks at an Official Mulroney family commissioned portrait of his time as Prime Minister. An exact replica of the painting hangs on Parliament Hill. Former Globe & Mail journalist, Jane Taber, is seen in this picture. She is with National PR, which represents Mulroney. The Notebook photo.

We are working on lots of Business and Inside Politics for our upcoming weekend edition of The Macdonald Notebook.

Stay tuned!

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