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Looking For A Last Minute Unique Gift? The Macdonald Notebook Gives 52-Weekends A Year!

Looking For A Unique Gift? The Macdonald Notebook Gives 52 Weekends A Year!

By Andrew Macdonald

As the Yuletide takes hold in our weekend news coverage area of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, a unique gift for that loved one, or colleague or client is a subscription to The Macdonald Notebook.

It is easy to gift give The Notebook, which offers news coverage of the business, political and cultural affairs communities of the Maritimes. Just hit the Gift Giving button on my website, and you can quickly and securely process your gift subscription.

The Notebook ball caps are made entirely in Canada.

Each person who takes out a subscription for a colleague or friend will receive a leather key tag/key fob manufactured right here in Nova Scotia by the same company that makes car dealership key tags, and the same company that makes leather guitar straps for the likes of Paul McCartney, Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, and the late BB King.

If you require more information on gift-giving The Notebook, hit the letter to editor button below this article. The gift giving button on my website is found on the right hand side of the computer screen.

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