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Notebook News Feature: Celebrating The Business Life Of Millennial Entrepreneurs

Notebook News Feature: Celebrating The Business Life Of Millennial Entrepreneurs

By Andrew Macdonald

Dec. 30th – The Macdonald Notebook

As we roll into a new year and the start of a new decade, The Macdonald Notebook is rolling out a new occasional news feature focusing on and celebrating the life of the millennial entrepreneur.

From time to time, our MacPolitics segment in The Notebook has been featuring the bright political party strategists who are millennials — people 25 to 37 years of age. Beginning today, we also are looking at their emerging entrepreneurs counterparts.

As a business and political journalist for the past 31 years, I have met a lot of movers and shakers, beginning in Port Hawkesbury and for the last 25 years in Halifax. The billionaire biz titans and their stories have been well documented, whether in book form, such as Gordon Pitts’ enduring The Cod Fathers, or in media here and there and everywhere.

Cafe Lara’s on Agricola & Woodill streets is operated by a millennial entrepreneur, Lara Cusson. Lara Cusson photo.

There is less media focus on millennials, although one of the leading millennial businessmen in Halifax circles is IT guru Jevon MacDonald. A native of Prince Edward Island, Jevon in recent years founded his intelligence technology firm in Halifax and sold it to Silicon Valley interests for a reported $70 million.

In an upcoming edition of The Notebook we will roll out our new feature ‘Meet a Millennial Entrepreneur’ looking at the early business start of Cafe Lara’s, a coffee emporium by day, and a licensed café by night, on the trendy streets of Agricola and Woodill. (UPDATE: The story on Lara Cusson and Cafe Lara has been posted to our lead Monday edition – see above for that news feature).

Cafe Lara’s is a one-year old coffee shop that I visited when a Notebook reader suggested a coffee and this biz titan reader of mine suggested we go for what he calls “the best coffee in town.”

So, I met its owner, 31-year-old Lara Cusson, who grew up in Montreal, but spent summers vacationing as a child visiting cousins in Halifax and Antigonish.

Lara Cusson is owner of Cafe Lara’s, on the corner of Agricola & Woodill streets. It opened a year ago, launching Lara into a Millennial Entrepreneurial career. The Notebook photo.

She has financed Cafe Lara’s via a 10-year bank loan with Royal Bank of Canada.

Lara Cusson is a millennial operator of one-year old Cafe Lara’s on the corner of Agricola and Woodill streets in Halifax. Lara Cusson photo.

In a future article, we feature Lara Cusson’s story and in an upcoming edition we touch base with millennial Ian MacLeod, owner of the new Hold Fast Cafe at the corner of Almon and Gottingen streets in the new nine-storey The Bloom apartment building.

Millennial Ian MacLeod has opened his own coffee shop on the corner of Almon & Gottingen Street in the Bloom rental building. The Notebook photo.

If readers know of a millennial entrepreneur they’d like to see positively focussed in The Notebook, hit the feedback button and tell me their name and perhaps a brief bio on their business.

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