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We hope non-subscribers to The Macdonald Notebook enjoyed our Christmas gift of a free passcode during the holidays.

That passcode has now expired, so if you’re not yet a subscriber, considering supporting our compelling business and inside political coverage.

Thanks to our current subscribers for allowing my team and myself a news vehicle upon which to tell news stories in which we focus on providing exclusive news articles not found anywhere else.

Because of our readers’ patronage, we are marching on in the first quarter of 2020 to celebrate three years of me being a media entrepreneur.

With subscription and advertisement revenue, we employ a longtime newspaper and magazine editor as our Notebook copy editor, and we have the redoubtable Carol Dobson as a writer in Halifax, where we are also in the process of hiring another writer.

A total re-design of our website is in progress, but for now subscribers can access The Notebook’s stories through the easy to use Recent Issues button that lists all the news headlines in current editions. On a computer screen, the button is on the right, scroll down a bit, and on a smart phone, that Recent Issues button is on the bottom of your smart phone.

Happy Holidays folks and Best wishes for the New Year.

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