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The Notebook: A Thing Or Two About Our Publishing Schedule

By Andrew Macdonald

Our Publishing Schedule: A Daily Business & Inside Political News Update – Seven Days A Week.

As you may have noticed since December, The Notebook is now publishing daily – over seven days a week.

Just like the greatest paper on the planet, The New York Times produces an issue daily, seven days a week, that is now the normal publishing frequency of The Notebook.

I want to assure you Dear Reader, there are no plans today or tomorrow to increase our subscription rate, even though we are now daily – and that includes our very own Sunday Notebook edition.

Three years ago this quarter, we began our independent self owned media company, as a weekend publishing news website – as we march into our third year, we are evolving our publishing frequency.

The other week business leader David Hennigar, the grandson of industrialist R.A. Joudrey told me: “There is so much news in the Maritimes”.

The Notebook ball caps are made entirely in Canada.

And, Hennigar is correct. We find news scoops and exclusive stories daily – articles you won’t find in other news outlets.

We aim to produce compelling news stories, we like the old fashioned approach to storytelling – and we rarely report on a news release.

Instead, I like to rely on my vast network of insiders & news sources, contacts in all walks of life cultivated over my 31-year news career.

Over my three decades, I have been a business & political journalist.

I frequently talk to the regional billionaires in the Atlantic, but I also love and am comfortable chatting with fish plant workers in the region.

I’ve interviewed prime ministers and premiers, as well as business titans, the movers and shakers of the region.

Erin O’Toole, who is running to head the national Tory party remarks: “The Movers and Shakers read you, Andrew”.

With a knack for business and politico reporting, I hope I deliver original story content from the Maritimes to my self owned journalistic endeavour.

I was introduced to the news business in grade school between 1982 and 1986, when, as a paperboy, he delivered The Chronicle-Herald to over 100 customers.

Our Mission Statement

The Macdonald Notebook is a online weekend news website, focused on Business, Inside Politics and cultural affairs in Nova Scotia & Halifax.

We specialize in scoops each day – original news articles not found elsewhere.

Our mandate is to produce compelling articles – and we do not chase or report on news releases or go to press conferences.

We rely on our robust news sources and our rich contact database to bring you unique news articles not found in other media.

Here’s a Reader Endorsement from HFX Southend raised and now Toronto resident, Layton Dorey, a businessman:

“Happy New Year, Andrew.

“And congratulations on moving into your third year of independent publishing.

“This is remarkable, particularly in today’s media landscape.

“And only you could have built this project and grown it as successfully as you have.

Layton Dorey, right, with Tim Gill. The two businessmen are pictured at their Blue Rocks cottage. Layton writes that he likes the fact The Notebook reporting does not rely on press releases, but instead our journalism style is to have live conversations with the HFX-NS news makers. The Notebook file photo

Adds Layton Dorey: “The Macdonald Notebook provides the colour between the lines that allows news to become information.

“In a time when too many media organizations essentially reprint press releases, Andrew has personal conversations with the news makers.

“Not satisfied with simply the ‘what’, The Notebook goes further, to enlighten on the ‘why'”.

Reader Endorsement, Layton Dorey, Halifax-Toronto business titan

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