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The Notebook Launches A New Website: New & Improved & Expands Our News Coverage

By Andrew Macdonald

Redesigning The Notebook website

As part of readership feedback, which I have been hearing as I began to meet with business leaders and politicos last fall, as part of a mission to see how to improve The Notebook, a constant theme I heard was to make the website more visually appealing.

And, so my talented Antigonish web development team began working towards a complete top to bottom redesign last December.

The fruits of that effort now result in what you see as a new 100% overhaul of the former website.

We believe you will find the new Notebook more visually appealing and easier to navigate the stories we post daily.

As with any redesign, there are still tweaks to put in place, and if you have further suggestions on how to improve The Notebook experience, feel free to contact me at:

We have also recently expanded our news coverage into the exciting world of property development, reporting now on apartment and condo projects, and single family residential real estate.

We have also launched a new feature, profiling the up and coming millennial entrepreneur.

And, we want to dig around and find stories that also celebrate a female entrepreneurs.

Morning coffee goes well with a Notebook coffee mug! Want one of your own? By all means contact us.

The Notebook enters its third year of independent publishing which sees me as a media entrepreneur with the milestone to be celebrated on March 17th, 2020.

We are able to tell our unique storytelling and compelling journalism only due to the single subscription you, Dear Reader have kindly taken out.

Your subscription support allows us to enter our third year of media ownership, and for that, I thank you for your patronage of The Notebook.

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