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MacPolitics: Free Archived Article: Re-Visiting Tory Leadership Hopeful Erin O’Toole’s Policy Platform To ‘Take Canada Back From Trudeau’

By Andrew Macdonald

I’ve made my Feb. 14th, 2020 Part III chit chat Erin O’Toole free to read.

In this article, the contestant to head up the federal Conservative party addresses his policy platform – and answers what he means by his campaign slogan: ‘Let’s Take Canada Back’.

The interview with The Notebook was conducted before illegal protests shut down the $250 billion CN Rail economy in the country.

But, the article is worth another read, to see how O’Toole would government as compared to the Justin Trudeau regime.

Click here to read this Feb. 14th Notebook news article on where O’Toole stands on the issues of import to the country.

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