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When NS Journalism Giants Rate The Notebook: Reader Endorsements

By Andrew Macdonald

Al Hollingsworth is a Giant of NS Political & Sports Journalism.

His 50-year-plus news career continues today, as he hosts shows on CIOE not for profit community radio station, based in Lower Sackville.

In the 1980s, he was the lead NS Political Journalist of that era, writing what was then a must-read political gossip column in the old Halifax Daily News.

Here is what Hollingsworth says of his Macdonald Notebook reading experience:

“If you’re into business & politics, the Port of Halifax, The Macdonald Notebook is a must-read.

You have some wonderful connections, and I would never ask who they are – but you do have some great insight into business & politics, and it shines in your writings.

The Notebook is a must-read, I read it every day you publish”.

And, here is what another lead NS Giant of Political Journalism, Jim Vibert, Halifax Herald & Saltwire Network columnist, says of my journalism:

“Hi Andrew: Just wanted to send along a note to say that I’m more than impressed with the continued success of The Macdonald Notebook, and by your incredible proficiency.

The  quality and number of great stories you deliver week after week tell me you must be doing well”

The great Halifax Herald Political Journalist had a major influence on my 31-year long journalism career, when I was a teenaged Herald paperboy, I would read his 1982-1986 Herald columns. I was suppose to become a third-generation road builder. (Halifax Herald photo).

And, here is what another Halifax Herald journalist, the able and talented Chris Lambie says of The Notebook:

“Andrew, your newsletters keep getting better and better. Congratulations on carrying your energy for reporting to a platform of your own”.

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