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Exclusive: Gotta Love It: Old Fashioned Brewery Wars Between Garrison & Propeller Breweries To Play Out On Quinpool Road

Feb 22, 2020 | Business

By Andrew Macdonald

Exclusive: Gotta Love It: Craft Brewery Wars Touch Down On Quinpool Road: Garrison & Propeller To Fight For Customers

You gotta love it - and old fashioned independent brewery war is shaping out to play out on Quinpool Road - between the two deans of the craft brew movement.

I refer to the founders and proprietors of Brian Titus’ Garrison Brewery & Jon Allan’s Propeller Brewery - both established in 1997, some 22-years ago.

Garrison late in 2019 opened a fourth expansion brewery and retail store at the Norman Nahas owned Oxford Theatre.

And now comes word that Propeller is going to open a retail store also on Quinpool Road, in the Doug Reid built luxury condo complex, The Keep.

It will spark an old fashioned brewery war from the two craft brewery pioneers.

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