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The Halifax Restaurateur: Fish ‘n Chips Quest In Fisherman’s Cove

Mar 6, 2020 | Business

By Lindsay Wickstrom 

I recently wrote a piece for The Coast’s Hot Summer Guide about some of the best places to eat fish and chips in the sun. One of my suggestions was Fisherman’s Cove, since it satisfies my check list:

Beach boardwalk? Check.
Quaint fishing village? Check.
Fish and chips eatery with a loyal following? More than one!

I mistakenly mentioned Gordy’s as a local favourite, unaware that Gordy’s has been closed for some time, Apparently it had been too long since I’d visited Fisherman’s Cove, and I’d been meaning to determine once and for all who makes the best fish and chips there! So I rounded up ReTales and Cailin O’Neil to help me eat and judge three platters of fish ‘n chips in Fisherman’s Cove.

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