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Coronavirus: Even AA Meetings Being Cancelled In Metro Halifax – Here’s The Good News: Online AA Meetings Offer Solace To Recovering Addicts

By Andrew Macdonald

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Coronavirus: News For Recovering Addicts: AA Meetings Online

In Halifax, even recovering alcoholics and druggies are being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Meetings of physical and live AA groups are being cancelled throughout metro Halifax.

Pre-coronavirus life, AA meetings in the city would take place every single day of the year.

Even on Christmas Day, there are many AA meetings in metro Halifax, most in church basements – I know, because I went to an AA meeting last Dec. 25th (Don’t tell the Halifax Herald that- -Ed, LOL).

Don’t tell the Halifax Herald, but I go to AA meetings.

But as church halls and basements shutter to deal with the pandemic, and with AA meetings populous, those hour-long sobriety sessions are being cancelled.

But, there is hope from the bottle, continued resolve to one’s daily One Day At A Time commitment, because there are now in the online world that we live in, AA meetings being held online.

“Did you know Online Intergroup provides an online meeting directory? To learn more, visit, states the website for Halifax AA District Committee, which governs the dozens of AA meetings in metro Halifax.

“The Technology Committee has also tested two online meeting platforms to help individual groups host meetings during measures to contain COVID-19″, adds Halifax AA.

“Both platforms are currently being used by various groups in the area. Groups are autonomous and can use whatever platform they wish”.

Here is a list of the online AA meetings:



Every attendee needs a free Paltalk account.


Free subscription limited to 45-minute meetings; timer starts when someone enters the waiting room

For more on AA meetings in metro Halifax, visit the Halifax AA website – which in the global AA world is known as Area 82.

The website for the Halifax AA organization is

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