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A Notebook Advertising Campaign Would Reach Savvy Millennials To Sophisticated Entrepreneurs Of All Ages – We reach 5,000 Folk

By Andrew Macdonald

A Notebook Advertising Campaign Will Reach 5,000 Folk – From Savvy Millennials To Other NS-HFX Movers & Shakers – We Reach All Age Groups

By Andrew Macdonald

Growing since its launch in March 2017, The Macdonald Notebook is now read by up to 1,500 readers each week or five thousand readers each month!

With a weekly readership from the Nova Scotia-Halifax community of movers and shakers, The Macdonald Notebook is read by members of government, captains of industry, the pillars of business, and the titans of finance.

There is no surer way to make sure your message reaches your target demographic.

The Macdonald Notebook readership over the last seven days, dated on Feb. 3rd, 2020. Weekly visits of 1,400 unique IP addresses and these folk opened 1,900 posts.

We offer affordable ad rates to reach our audience in all age groups of society. Your ads will reach a sophisticated, well-heeled audience of millennials to those well into retirement years, people who don’t mind paying $3.50 per week to read our many news scoops and breaking news stories.

The Notebook’s ad department — yours truly — has been busy selling advertising on this popular and well-read web publication that reaches Nova Scotia-Halifax-wide with stories from business, politics, and cultural affairs.

To learn my advertising rates, email

The Macdonald Notebook, now in its third year of independent publishing, would like to welcome aboard some new advertisers and thank existing ones.

Our latest advertiser came on board this week: Dan Jennings, merger and acquisition and company exit guru at the Halifax office of BDO.

Other advertisers seeing the value in The Notebook include top Halifax and South Shore realtor Rick Foster, who currently has a $3.6 million listing on our website.

Another prominent realtor is advertising with us: Phil Slauenwhite, a top Halifax licensed realtor with Red Door Realty.

Another advertiser is the two hotels at Dartmouth Crossing. They join realtors Foster and Slauenwhite, and last summer the legendary Digby Pines Resort, and the charming Liscombe Lodge wilderness oasis took out Notebook ad campaigns.

We also have placed advertisements from the Royal Bank of Canada, as well as Halifax biz titan Gregg Keating who is now advertising his Altimax Courier firm and his Dartmouth boxing club.

Broker Tom Gerard of KW Commercial Advisors in Halifax also has a current ad campaign on the go with The Notebook.

The Macdonald Notebook, weekly and monthly unique IP addresses visits to our website. Over the last 30-days, 5,000 Unique IP addresses visited our website, and there were 1,400 Unique IP visits in the last seven days, dated Feb. 3rd, 2020.

Others who have had ad campaigns in The Notebook include Sea Smoke eatery at Bishop’s Landing, and we have had a campaign for the venerable Halifax Club, while another previous advertiser has been popular and independent Attica Furnishings, which took out a holiday campaign last year on The Notebook.

Other recent rotating advertisers using The Notebook for their messages include Jim Spatz’s Pavilion, Curve and Maple apartment/condo buildings.

During the recent Holiday, the legendary Fisherman’s Market took out an ad – its co-owners Fred Greene & Monte Snow saw immense value in advertising their fish and seafood emporium, located on the Bedford HWY.

More on who reads us

Using my readership measurement of Google Analytics, I am able to detail the age category of my readership, which averages 1, 500 unique IP visits per week.

The Notebook is well read by different age categories, including readership from Millennials, a code word for twenty-somethings. The largest age category of my readership is aged 45 to 54. But there is robust readership in all age groups of society – and the second-largest readership is aged 25 to 35-year-olds!

I can ascertain the largest readership age category is from 45 to 55, and perhaps surprisingly, my second largest readership age category is from ages 25 to 35!

Who says millennials, or 20-something folk, don’t read or pay for news.

I am not surprised that Google Analytics tells me I have a robust audience of 20- and 30-somethings. But our reach includes robust support from all age groups in our society.

Here’s what The Notebook advertiser biz mogul Gregg Keating, chairman of the Keating Group of Companies, which includes Altimax Courier says of my business and inside politics journalism:

Andrew Macdonald has encompassed ‘niche journalism’ and runs down the track with it, thoroughly crossing the finish line with each report. He leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered. Factual, compelling reporting. A joyful read.”

Again, my advertising rates are available at

You can design your ad campaign in-house, or allow my talented web developer and graphic designer to produce your Notebook ad.

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