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Exclusive: Prominent Commercial Broker Tom Gerard On The Job – Brokers $24M Windmill Road Apartments – The Prize Is A City Hall Approved Tower Development Site
Exclusive: How Hot Is The Metro Halifax Real Estate Scene? Well, How About A Cole Harbour Split-Entry Bidding War – 23 Offers Collected
Exclusive: Frank McKenna’s 20th Annual Shindig At Fox Harb’r Will Be One For The History Books – Will Obama Or Hillary Clinton Speak?
Wednesday’s Edition, Below
A Message From The Notebook: ‘From The Bottom Of My Heart Thanks For Sticking With The Notebook In a Global Meltdown & In Pandemic Times’
Development: Meet Tim Moore: The Halifax Apartment Developer
Jim Mills & CO At Office Interiors Undertakes Significant $7.5M Construction Of New Burnside HQ – Mills Says He Is Unfazed By The Pandemic
Kevin Pelley Is ‘The Great Innovator’: Pivots Kohtech’s Windows Debert Plant To Provide COVID-19 Retail Shields
Alison Strachan: Don’t Let (American) News Break To The Point Of Breaking You
Pollster Don Mills & Furniture Mogul Jim Mills Raise $200,000 For Arthritis Society of NS – But Celebrity Roast Re-Scheduled To 2021
Development: Jim Mills On Life Living In A Box: Latest To Occupy Posh Pavilion Condos By Jim Spatz
Gotta Love It: There’s An Old-Fashioned Newspaper War In Halifax – The Notebook News Scoops Being Scalped By Another Media Outlet Days Later
Putting The $52M Toronto Star Sale Price Into Perspective: The Time Conrad Black Offered To Buy The Halifax Herald For $100M
Encore: Book Excerpt: The Time Conrad Black Bought The HFX Daily News For $20M From Harry Steele
Cottage Life: Attn My Millennial Readers: Chester’s ‘Tiny Mansion’ Goes On The Market – A Real Deal At $232,000
A Nova Scotian Vacation: Top Ten Things To Do In Canada’s Ocean Playground This Summer
Summertime Is Made For The Beach: Exploring The Best Beaches In NS, NB & Of Course The Beach Province Of PEI
Past Editions, Below
Breaking News: MacPolitics: Tory John Hamm Faced Tough Conservative Leadership Choice – Back Close Friend O’Toole Or Support Hometown Candidate MacKay? – Now Endorses MacKay
MacPolitics: For The Record, Here Is John Hamm’s Statement Endorsing Peter MacKay
MacPolitics: Former PC MP NS South Shore’s Peter McCreath: ‘No Need To Twin HWY 103 – Just Hire Additional Mounties To Issue More Speeding Tickets’
Monday Edition, Below
Charity Gift-Giving: An Idea From Tom Rose & Partnership With Sara Napier’s United Way Has Helped Raise $6.7 M For Newly Created Atlantic Compassion Fund & Counting & Growing
Sunday Edition, Below
Residential Real Estate Still Hot In HFX Commons & City’s Northend – Despite Pandemic Times – Says Realtor Rosie Porter
Real Estate Also Hot In Halifax Southend – Realtor Meghan Laing Says
Our Sunday News Scoop: Halifax Port: That $12M Crane Being Shipped To Southend Container Terminal Delayed Off Coast Of Africa
Premier Stephen McNeil & Highways Minister Lloyd Hines Usher In Golden Era For NS Road Builders – A Title Once Given To John Buchanan
103 HWY: NS Highways Minister Lloyd Hines Offers Reasons Twinning Paving Tender Results In Bids $5 Million Lower Than Department’s Own Budget Estimates
Don Mills: 103 HWY Twinning Tenders Ought To Have Been Issued In Winter – Criticizes McNeil Government Tardy Tender Practices
That Extra $230 M In Road Building Work Does Not Include Twinning To Bridgewater Nor The Canso Causeway – We Asked The Question Of HWYs Minister Hines
Development: Joseph Arab Wants 16-Storey Tower Built At Gottingen Street’s Victoria Hall
Development: Danny Chedrawe Parlayed A 6/49 Lotto Win To Becoming A Noted City Condo & Apartment Builder
Development: What’s Next For Danny Chedrawe: Cruikshank’s, Bens Bakery & Mills Bros. Projects In The Works
Development: Danny Chedrawe: Part III: A Look At His Developments Over 30-Years
Development: Sam Nahas & Greater HFX Partnership Explain Why So Many Developers From Lebanese Community In Halifax
Notebook Archives: Before He Died, John Buchanan Confessed: ‘I Could Not Say No To The Voters’
Saturday Edition, Below
Realtor Rosie Porter Sells Andy & Karen Lynch’s HFX Abode Over Facetime – Ontario Buyers Did Not Tour It
Our Saturday News Scoop: HFX Hospitality Titan Dennis Campbell: ‘We Will Launch Harbour Hoppers & Other Tour Boats July 1st – But Revenues Will Be Down By 75%’
Discover Halifax’s Tourism Exec Ross Jefferson: Advertisement Campaigns To Encourage Nova Scotians To Vacation Locally
Discover Halifax Tourism Agency Forecasts $2.3 Million Hit – Part II With Ross Jefferson
Alison Strachan: Sifting Through Photographs & Thinking About A Vacation Close To Home
MacPolitics: Will NS Premier Stephen McNeil Call A Fall Vote?
MacPolitics: PC Leader Tim Houston Encourages Nova Scotians To Vacation Locally
Wednesday Edition
Cottage Life: Richie Mann On Pros & Cons Of Northumberland Strait Cottage Ownership

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Veteran political journalist, Al Hollingsworth, who at 82, now goes to work everyday at a Lower Sackville community radio station:

The Macdonald Notebook has a nice mix of news and even news scoops!”

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Business mogul Gregg Keating, chairman of the Keating Group of Companies: “Andrew Macdonald has encompassed ‘niche journalism’ and runs down the track with it, thoroughly crossing the finish line with each report. He leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered. Factual, compelling reporting. A joyful read.”

Billy Joe MacLean, leading Port Hawkesbury politico: “I am really enjoying your Macdonald Notebook. You have not only captured an audience of followers, but you also have the experience of years behind you to dig out your contacts. So keep up the interesting news items.”

Layton Dorey, Halifax South End raised, and now Toronto-based Senior Vice President at Northstar Research Partners: “The Macdonald Notebook provides the colour between the lines that allows news to become information. In a time when too many media organizations essentially reprint press releases, Andrew has personal conversations with the news makers. Not satisfied with simply the ‘what’, The Notebook goes further, to enlighten on the ‘why’.”

John MacDonell, a product of Nova Scotia, who later became the province’s most powerful backroom operator in the Harper Ottawa regime: “Your political coverage is awesome for political junkies like me. Good on you and kudos for excellence. You have a way of explaining things so that readers understand that those involved in partisan politics are human just like everyone else.”

Former John Savage minister Robbie Harrison: “Your well-crafted journalism style is ‘down home – high quality’ reporting – concise, informative, diverse, historically accurate, objective, humorous and pleasantly intimate.”

A Nova Scotia judge: “I look forward to your new work. I am sure it will be of the highest quality and standard you have exhibited throughout your career. Journalism is becoming a dying art I am glad there are people like you who are keeping it alive.”

Halifax real estate developer Wadih Fares: “I have been reading Andrew’s stories for 15 years. I am always curious to see what he is going to write about and he is very curious himself but honest. He is passionate about journalism and above all he is trustworthy. We live in a very small, tight-knit community. Media has a big impact on our lives and it helps to talk to a journalist you can trust and that’s Andrew Macdonald. He is experienced, his stories are fair, balanced and very professional. That’s what good journalism is all about!”

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Los Angeles commercial mortgage broker and Cape Breton native Bruce Evans: “I am really enjoying The Macdonald Notebook – when do you sleep? Lots of insight and depth to the pieces. Well done. I have subscribed to Andrew’s self-owned publication since its inception a couple of years ago, it’s a great way for me to keep up on Maritime news. It has an eclectic mix of political, economic and general news articles, including a few fun gossipy bits here and there. I have been an occasional contributor, usually about U.S. political events. I find the publication especially interesting for some of the insights you won’t find in more traditional news sources, thanks to Andrew’s extensive network of movers and shakers.”

Prominent Chester-Halifax realtor Piers Baker: “Andrew is a very fine writer and has oodles of information on the local real estate scene. He is probably the most tapped in person in this part of the world.”

Betsy Macdonald, NDP caucus toiler: “The Macdonald Notebook is not ‘He said, She said’ journalism. Instead, it’s old-fashioned story-telling.”

Matt, who joined as a grade 10 student (our youngest subscriber) on Nova Scotia’s North Shore: “I really enjoy your weekly publication, when not busy with school and work, and it has been great to see it grow so much over the last year. It is one of the most interesting and well written news sources in the province in my opinion!”

Victoria Hines, realtor, Royal LePage Atlantic: “Your news is addictive”.

Mark Boudreau, director of Corporate Affairs for Loblaw Halifax: “Andrew is quintessentially Nova Scotian. He is a tough but fair reporter–and he cares about his readers. His columns are always insightful, and with him, you always get insight that you don’t in any other business reporting in the province.”

Chris Lambie, Halifax Herald toiler and one of the foremost Halifax journalists of his time: “Andrew, your newsletters keep getting better and better. Congratulations on carrying your energy for reporting to a platform of your own.”

Former NS PC leadership contender John Lohr: “Nova Scotia’s political publication.”

A new resident of Nova Scotia: “I found your site while looking for stories about the NS PC leadership convention, and I’m most interested in reading your articles on provincial politics. I’m fairly new to Nova Scotia and trying to get familiar with the recent political history here, and your publication seems to give some deeper insight than the usual mainstream news sources. I’m looking forward to diving into your archives! As well as your next edition.”

Second generation property developer Maurice Fares: “Andrew, you are doing a good job and staying relevant, that is for sure. You have a unique flair to your writing. I think the Halifax community is now used to it, and I think everyone is quite fond of it, to tell you the truth.”

Robert Zed, chair, Triangle Strategies: “The Macdonald Notebook nails it, every edition, every time. Andrew you’re a great story teller and journalist of hard facts and informative well researched news. I am happy to continue to support and promote your great leading edge news and The Notebook. I look forward to your great coverage. Congrats.”

Tim Moore, Chester-Halifax serial entrepreneur: “Keep up the good journalism work, very impressive.”

Dr. Kent MacDonald, St. FX President: .“I really appreciate your local storytelling and very insightful journalism. Nova Scotia (and the Maritimes) are lucky to have you”.

Len P.D. MacDonald, blogger in Northeastern NS, says of my journalism style:

“The Macdonald Notebook gives the reader a behind the scenes look into politics and the business world, much of it here in our own backyard in Nova Scotia. Owner and publisher, Andrew Macdonald has been writing for decades and provides keen insights on what’s really going on.”

1980s-90s Port Hawkesbury Mayor Almon Chisholm:

“Thanks Andrew, you are doing a wonderful job. Your Notebook covers a multitude of subjects across the board. You miss very little. You have become a wonderful writer – and why not the birth of your skill we’re created in Port Hawkesbury. Congratulations and keep up the skilful writing”.

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