Category: April 14th 2018 Issue

MacPolitics: Is Trudeau Toast?

By Andrew Macdonald Toasting Justin Trudeau: Christopher Joyce’s Celebrated Artwork With Prime Minister Trudeau spending three days mid-April at Joe Ramia’s $156 million convention centre at Nova Centre, I am sending out an...

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MacPolitics: Obama Part III

By Andrew Macdonald Obama Part III: Right Church, Wrong Pew In the ‘right church, wrong pew’ department, I am now hearing that a visit soon to Nova Scotia by a former White House politico will involve former vice president Joe...

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Meet A Tim Hortons Operator

By Andrew Macdonald Brent Stratton, 54, is now majority owner of the holding company running eight Tim Horton franchises in Metro Halifax. Stratton, who acquired a minority stake 20 years ago, acquired the majority shares in...

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