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MacPolitics: Peter MacKay As Baillie Replacement?

By Andrew Macdonald A top Tory strategist, who didn’t want to be named, says if Peter MacKay wants the provincial Tory leadership, he could take a leadership contest in a cake walk. MacKay was a leading Harper minister in Ottawa, so the big question is whether the...

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MacPolitics: O’Toole Dominated Nova Scotia Ridings

By Andrew Macdonald Last weekend, national Tory leadership aspirant Erin O’Toole led in eight of 11 Nova Scotia mainland ridings, during the Conservative leadership race - in a ranked ballot system, helping him finish third in the leadership contest. In early...

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MacPolitics: Batherson Stands Behind Baillie

By Andrew Macdonald Defeated Halifax Tory challenger Rob Batherson says his party leader Jamie Baillie has earned the right to decide his own fate as leader. Batherson says Baillie significantly grew the Progressive Conservative party’s fortune during the election. It...

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MacPolitics: NDPer Dave Wilson For House Speaker?

By Andrew Macdonald Now that the Liberals only have a two seat majority it is unlikely the party will put forward an MLA to serve as House Speaker. This is why there is post-election talk the man for the job could be Dave Wilson, well regarded by all political...

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