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MacPolitics II: A Matter of Film Credits

Film industry aid an issue, says Batherson, but production is up

Tory leader Jamie Baillie this week promised to return the $24 million film tax credit that was slashed two years ago by the Liberal McNeil government.

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Is Peter MacKay Endorsing Erin O’Toole

Is Peter MacKay endorsing national Tory contender, Erin O’Toole? Tory political tongues are wagging as former Harper minister Peter MacKay will give the keynote address at an O’Toole rally this coming Tuesday in Toronto. Some O’Toole backers say this is a subtle hint...

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Hiring A veteran Newsman

As work continues on the construction of an online news weekend website - with a spring publishing launch in mind - a veteran Nova Scotia news editor has just joined John DeMings will copy edit my stories, weekly. Operating on a shoestring...

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