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MacPolitics: Election Night Snacks

For every election for more than 40 years—federal, provincial, municipal, and even the occasional international contest—I have been part of a changing group of political junkies who gather to argue, prognosticate, and analyze. Eventually, as the results pour in, we celebrate or sink into the proverbial slough of despond. And, of course, we munch on food appropriate to the occasion and enjoy our favourite beverage.

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MacPolitics: Chester’s Peterson-Rafuse On Film Tax Credit

Denise Peterson-Rafuse, the NDP incumbent in Chester-St. Margaret’s, believes she is in a position to take the majority of the votes from those working in the film industry.

Just two years ago, there were 2,000 folk employed in the industry, and historically the bulk of them live in artisan communities doting the South Shore. Then the Liberal government of Stephen McNeil gutted the film tax credit, removing a fund of $24 million in what Peterson-Rafuse calls an ill-conceived move.

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MacPolitics II: A Matter of Film Credits

Film industry aid an issue, says Batherson, but production is up

Tory leader Jamie Baillie this week promised to return the $24 million film tax credit that was slashed two years ago by the Liberal McNeil government.

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