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Chester’s Political Intrigue: Butch Heisler Backs An Opponent Of Danielle Barkhouse For Chester Municipal Council

MacPolitics: Chester Municipal Politico Danielle Barkhouse To Seek Tory Nod In Chester-St. Margaret’s For Team Houston

By Andrew Macdonald

MacPolitics: Danielle Barkhouse To Seek Tory Nod in Chester-St. Margaret’s

One term Chester Municipal Politico Danielle Barkhouse is going to seek the NS PC party nod in the next provincial election.

She will likely win the nod and then square off against incument Liberal MLA Hugh MacKay.

With some political intrigue for Chester-St.Margaret’s Bay Denise Peterson Rafuse has recently announced on her social media pages she will contest the future NDP nod in that riding.

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