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Denis Ryan Feted In County Tipperary, Ireland

By Andrew Macdonald Denis Ryan, retired advisor to a $4 billion pension fund, former stockbroker, still talented crooner and tin whistler, was recently feted in his native Ireland where he was inducted into the County Tipperary Hall of Fame. He received the honour...

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Taking A Vacation

By Andrew Macdonald The Macdonald Notebook, which offers up business, Inside Politics and cultural affairs reporting, turns one year old this weekend. Over March Break, and for the first time in a year of publishing, I took a brief vacation to rejuvenate the...

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Peter Spurway’s New Gig

By Andrew Macdonald After 12 years, Peter Spurway has transitioned out of his PR job at Halifax International Airport Authority, but he has not retired. Since 2006, he was the airport’s VP for corporate communications, sitting on the airport’s executive management...

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Bernie Smith: Move The Halterm Container Terminal

By Andrew Macdonald When Bernie Smith talks, people occupying high placed jobs tend to listen. For 24 years, Smith was the illustrious finance director for the City of Halifax, making then mayor Ron Wallace shine with a debt-free regime. (Wallace’s tenure as mayor can...

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