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Sunday August 9th Edition – Have A Free Read
Summertime & The Beaches Are Fun…But: A Chat With NS Lifeguard Service’s Paul D’Eon
Exclusive: Maritime Loblaw Customers Donate Circa $300,000 For IWK Via A $2 Donation At The Cash Registers In Just A Two Week Period
Exclusive: QE II Hospital Foundation Issues Security Breach Alert To Its 70,000 Home & Cottage Lottery Players – After Its Internatioanl Supplier Was Hacked
QE II Foundation’s Champion Bill Bean Retired After Logging 24-Years – He Made Mansion & Cottage Lotteries Famous In Nova Scotia
MacPolitics: The NDP Political Intrigue Of Chester-St. Margaret’s Denise Peterson-Rafuse – Sure Sign Her Political Life Is Being Sidelined – Takes A New Day Job
MacPolitics: Tim Houston’s Bold Nursing Home Policy Would Build New Nursing Homes, Create 2,500 Single Occupancy Rooms & Create 2,000 New Nursing Jobs
MacPolitics: Would A Government Led By Tim Houston Balance Budgets? We Asked The NS PC Leader This Question
MacPolitics: With Premier Stephen McNeil Bowing Out, What Is Next For The Governing Party?
MacPolitics: Why Sean Fraser Would Be Real Competition In Race To Replace Premier Stephen McNeil
MacPolitics: Scott Brison As Premier – Tiny Village Of Cheverie Would Become Power Centre – Once Again
Notebook Archives: David Hennigar On Clifford Brison & Whether There’s Another Political Life For Scott Brison
Alison Strachan: A Tale Of Two Lunenburg Brides, An Era Of Volunteerism & The Enduring Gift Of A Blueberry Buckle Recipe
Alison Strachan: Edith Morash’s Lunenburg’s Blueberry Buckle – Dutch Oven Cookbook
A Maritime Photo Moment: Jon Dimick’s Chester Artwork Includes 1902 Photograph Of The World’s First Seven-Masted Schooner
Part II: Boston Financier Of Seven-Masted Schooner Had A Nova Scotia Connection
Saturday Edition, Below: More Free Stories
Golfing With Tom Peters: Fox Har’br At 20 Years Old
This Edition Is FREE To Read: Meet Some HFX-NS Movers & Shakers Who Read Our Many Exclusive Articles – We Specialize In Old Fashioned News Scoops!
MacPolitics: Mark Boudreau Mulls Over Halifax Run For Tories In Next Election – Believes Peter MacKay Can Defeat Popular Liberal Andy Fillmore
MacPolitics: Tory Showdown In Chester-St. Margaret’s: A Real Battle Between Julie Chaisson & Danielle Barkhouse
MacPolitics: Truro’s Dennis James Chats On Liberal Leadership, McNeil’s Greatest Legacies, & John Savage’s Toll Highway
Opinion: Mary Clancy On The Greatest Legacies Of Premier Stephen McNeil
MacPolitics: Scott Brison As Premier Would Enjoy Support Of Regional Billionaire Set; Brison’s A Darling Of Top Business Titans
MacPolitics: Why Scott Brison’s Ambitions To Become Premier Would Get Support From The Region’s Top Liberal Strategist – Chris MacInnes Often Entertained In Cheverie
MacPolitics: When Scott Brison & Max St. Pierre Once Hosted The Season’s Must Attend BBQ It Attracted Who’s Who To Cheverie Shores
Notebook Archives: Revisiting A 2019 Chat With Regional Billionaire John Risley: ‘Scott Brison’s Political Career Represented By Being An Engine Of Ideas & Good Public Policy’
Friday Edition, Below: More Free Stories
Exclusive: MacPolitics: The Liberal Opponent Feared The Most by Team Tim Houston Is Ultra Popular Mike Savage
Exclusive: MacPolitics: Scott Brison As Premier McNeil’s Successor?
Exclusive: MacPolitics: Liberal Leadership Race And Dale Palmeter — Will He Encourage Scott Brison To Gun For Premier’s Job?
Exclusive: MacPolitics: From ‘Doc Talk’ Host To Liberal Premier? Don’t Rule Out a Leadership Run By Dr. John Gillis
Notebook Archives: The Time Premier McNeil Dismissed Chatter He Would Call It Quits At ‘Freedom 55’
Notebook Archives: Liberal Strategist Kirk Cox: ‘Expect Scott Brison To Run for NS Premier’
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What Our Biz Titan & Politico Readers Say About The Macdonald Notebook – Reader Endorsements

The Macdonald Notebook is read by business titans and leading politicos – and each weekend, 1,000-plus folk visit our website. Here are some Reader Endorsements – we have just entered our third-year of Independent publishing.

Halifax-Dartmouth Biz Titan & Major House subdivision builder, Nick Betts

“I continue to be amazed at your ability to cover so many topics in such detail and deliver leading edge insight on meat and potatoes issues with such limited resources.
You have unbelievable stamina”.

HRM regional councillor Stephen Adams


“Thank you for providing unbiased, fact-based reporting. Your approach to journalism is ‘refreshing’. No sensationalizing adjectives nor hype. When challenged, you respond without judgement and hold no malice. I have experienced, first-hand your openness and integrity. Your model of journalism and reporting should be a template for other local media to utilize”.

Steve Parker, founder of CCL Group (Corporate Communications Ltd.):

“It is remarkable to see what you are doing with The Macdonald Notebook. More content, high quality, “Breaking News”…in only two years The Notebook has exploded from startup to “Must Read”.

What’s next?”

Jim Vibert: Halifax Herald political columnist, writes on my Journalism:

“Hi Andrew: Just wanted to send along a note to say that I’m more than impressed with the continued success of The Macdonald Notebook, and by your incredible proficiency. The  quality and number of great stories you deliver week after week tell me you must be doing well”.

Louie Lawen, property developer:

“Keep up the great work. Your news reporting is informative and exceptionally current.”

Tim Olive, former Nova Scotia Cabinet Minister:

“Folks: If you are a subscriber then I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do. If not I recommend that you give it a try. In this day of selective political reporting, in the regular media, The Macdonald Notebook’s online publication has evolved as the leading news outlet for anyone with a keen interest on what is really going on regarding the major political and economic issues of the day in Nova Scotia and the Maritimes.

Veteran political journalist, Al Hollingsworth, who at 83, now goes to work everyday at a Lower Sackville community radio station:

The Macdonald Notebook has a nice mix of news and even news scoops!”

Noted Halifax realtor Carolyn Davis-Stewart:

“I do very much enjoy reading your in-depth coverage of so many varied topics. Glad you called me that day for info so I could subscribe once again! Love to read your news the minute your reports come out. Amazing the knowledge you glean!!”.

Erin O’Toole, a federal Tory leadership aspirant:

“The movers and shakers read you, Andrew”.

Don Mills, leading Atlantic and Halifax pollster, says:

“Anyone interested in good reporting about what is happening in Nova Scotia might want to read The Macdonald Notebook, which is published on Saturdays”.

Chester-Halifax business person, Stephen Mader:

“I love The Notebook, always interesting. Well written, with tremendous insight. Keep up the great work!”

Robert Zed, Chair, Triangle Strategies, Founder ZedEvents Executive-in-Residence, Dalhousie University. Halifax/Toronto writes about my journalism:

The Macdonald Notebook nails it, every edition, every time. Andrew you’re a great story teller and journalist of hard facts and informative well researched news. I am happy to continue to support and promote your great leading edge news and The Notebook. I look forward to your great coverage. Congrats”.

Serial entrepreneur Tim Moore of Chester-Halifax, founder of national moving van lines AMJ Campbell, and Premier Van Lines, founder of Moore Executive Suites and founder of Premier Executive Suites, says of my journalism:

“Keep up the good journalism work, very impressive”.

Billy Joe MacLean, leading Port Hawkesbury politico writes:

“I am really enjoying your Macdonald Notebook. You have not only captured an audience of followers, but you also have the experience of years behind you to dig out your contacts. So keep up the interesting news items”.

Layton Dorey, Halifax Southend raised, and now Toronto based Senior Vice President at Northstar Research Partners, says:

The Macdonald Notebook provides the colour between the lines that allows news to become information. In a time when too many media organizations essentially reprint press releases, Andrew has personal conversations with the news makers. Not satisfied with simply the ‘what’, The Notebook</b. goes further, to enlighten on the ‘why'”.

John MacDonell, a product of Nova Scotia, who later became the province’s most powerful backroom operator in the Harper Ottawa regime, says of my politico coverage:

“Your political coverage is awesome for political junkies like me. Good on you and kudos for excellence. You have a way of explaining things so that readers understand that those involved in partisan politics are human just like everyone else”.

Liberals like former John Savage minister Robbie Harrison, also have been appreciative of my journalism style:

“Your well crafted journalism style is ‘down home – high quality’ reporting – concise, informative, diverse, historically accurate, objective, humorous and pleasantly intimate”.

A Nova Scotia Judge writes about my journalism:

“Andrew, congratulations. I look forward to your new work . I am sure it will be of the highest quality and standard you have exhibited throughout your career. Journalism is becoming a dying art I am glad there are people like you who are keeping it alive”.

Noted Halifax real estate developer, Wadih Fares, who is also Honorary Consul General in the Maritimes for Lebanon reads my news copy:

“I have been reading Andrew’s stories for 17-years. I am always curious to see what he is going to write about and he is very curious himself but honest”.

“He is passionate about journalism and above all he is trustworthy”.

“We live in a very small, tight-knit community. Media has a big impact on our lives and it helps to talk to a journalist you can trust and that’s Andrew Macdonald. He is experienced, his stories are fair, balanced and very professional. That’s what good journalism is all about!!”.

Los Angeles commercial mortgage broker, and Cape Breton native Bruce Evans says:

“I am really enjoying The Macdonald Notebook – when do you sleep? Lots of insight and depth to the pieces. Well done”.

“I have subscribed to Andrew’s self owned publication since its inception a couple of years ago, it’s a great way for me to keep up on Maritime news”.

“It has an eclectic mix of political, economic and general news articles, including a few fun gossipy bits here and there. I have been an occasional contributor, usually about U.S. political events”.

“I find the publication especially interesting for some of the insights you won’t find in more traditional news sources, thanks to Andrew’s extensive network of movers and shakers”.

Prominent Chester-Halifax realtor, Piers Baker remarks:

“Andrew is a very fine writer, and has oodles of information on the local real estate scene. He is probably the most tapped in person in this part of the world”.

Betsy Macdonald, NDP caucus toiler:

The Macdonald Notebook is not ‘He said, She said’ journalism. Instead, it’s old-fashioned story-telling”.

A grade 10 student (our youngest subscriber) on Nova Scotia’s North Shore:

“I really enjoy your weekly publication.”

Victoria Hines, realtor, Royal LePage Atlantic.

“Your news is addictive”.

Mark Boudreau, director of Corporate Affairs for Loblaw Halifax:

“Andrew is quintessentially Nova Scotian. He is a tough but fair reporter–and he cares about his readers. His columns are always insightful, and with him, you always get insight that you don’t in any other business reporting in the province.”

Chris Lambie, Halifax Herald toiler and one of the foremost Halifax journalists of his time:

“Andrew, your newsletters keep getting better and better. Congratulations on carrying your energy for reporting to a platform of your own”.

Here’s how former NS PC leadership contender John Lohr describes The Notebook:

“Nova Scotia’s Political Publication”.

New Resident Of Nova Scotia & A New Notebook Subscriber:

“I found your site while looking for stories  about the PC leadership convention, and I’m most interested in reading your articles on provincial politics.”
“I’m fairly new to Nova Scotia and trying to get familiar with the recent political history here, and your publication seems to give some deeper insight than the usual mainstream news sources.”

“I’m looking forward to diving into your archives! As well as your next edition”.

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