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Nova Scotian-Halifax journalist Andrew Macdonald celebrates 35 years as a newsman, and the logical evolution of his news career has been establishing his own media company.

Offering Compelling Journalism in Nova Scotia Since 1989, Andrew owns , which was founded in 2017 – and we move into our seventh year of strong independent publishing of Business and Inside Political reporting and we also write on Cultural Affairs.

Andrew is a business and political journalist, who frequently talks to the billionaires in the Atlantic, but is also comfortable chatting with fish plant workers in the region.

He has interviewed prime ministers and premiers, as well as business titans, the movers and shakers of the region.

Andrew previously co-founded in 2002 with David Bentley, when it was then a two-man newsroom. He also with Bentley co-founded the popular Macdonald Report from 2014-2017,  and in early 2017 founded his self-owned The Macdonald Notebook, as Andrew launched into a media entrepreneur.

Erin O’Toole, the former leader of the national Tory party leadership remarked: “The Movers and Shakers read you, Andrew”.

With a knack for business and politico reporting, Andrew brings original story content from Nova Scotia to his new journalistic endeavour.

Sign up at today – that is the home for Compelling Journalism in Nova Scotia Since 1989.

Andrew was introduced to the news business in grade school between 1982 and 1986, when, as a paperboy, he delivered The Chronicle-Herald to over 100 customers.

Our Mission Statement

The Macdonald Notebook launched in 2017 and now publishes online Saturdays and Sundays, focused on Business, Inside Politics and cultural affairs in Nova Scotia & Halifax.

We specialize in news scoops – original news articles not found elsewhere.

Our mandate is to produce compelling articles – and we do not often chase or report on news releases or go to press conferences.

Instead, we rely on our robust news sources and our rich contact database to bring you unique news articles not found in other media.