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Coronavirus: Alison Strachan’s Tips For Staying Busy During Covid-19 – Updated News Article

Coronavirus: Alison Strachan’s Tips For Staying Busy During Covid-19 – Updated News Article

By Alison Strachan

As the Covid-19 situation around the world, and in Nova Scotia, continues to unfold and now with two of my family members in self-isolation, I decided to plan ahead on what to do now as I practice social distancing and what to do to keep busy if self-isolation becomes necessary.

Before considering options, here’s a personal tip from me: Whatever you choose to do to keep busy or pass time, set your watch, phone, or whatever you use as a timer for one or two-hour intervals. When the alarm goes off, it’s your reminder to stop, take a deep breath … or two … or three …, and drink some water. Deep breathing and water are simple and key wellness strategies, along with a good night’s sleep, that we often forget about in times of stress and anxiety.

Here’s my work-in-progress resource list.

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Meet Lunenburg Art Shop Co-Owners, The Cranstons

Lunch with Alison: Sharon and Guy Cranston — Where and What did we eat?   By Alison Strachan   My guests chose to eat at Salt Shaker Deli, owned by Martin and Sylvie Ruiz Salvador on what has quickly become ‘food alley’ — Montague Street in Lunenburg's old...

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Encore: Lunch With Alison: Me, Myself & I

By Alison Strachan Editor's Note: This story ran in late 2017 and has been updated to show new contact numbers for Nova Scotia Health Authority's Addiction Services. I had lunch with myself this week. I chose to eat alone at my home in Lunenburg in a beautiful kitchen...

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